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Adventure Cleared

The Prince of Golden Armor who came to rescue Sleeping Beauty.
How great it is, his valor and power.
His shield blade cut off the black dragon's throat in half and acidic blood flooded from the wound.

The dragon screamed and cried out,
"Now I will be awakened. You terrible scum. I have told you many times!"
The dragon as big as a mountain fell, and light covered everywhere.

The prince opened his eyes and found himself standing in the ruins.
There was a body about to become dust in front of him.

The princess who fell into sleep hundreds years ago, had wonderful talent in magic like her father.
While she was sleeping, she created the dreamland around her castle, guarded by her egodragon.
By the help of the prince, she was finally awake (in half), and time that has been stopped in her sleep started to flow again in a second.

The prince never fully understood this whole situation, but he was able to see that this body was the princess he was looking for.
He thought that the meaning of sleeping was eternal sleep.
The prince prayed for her, and left for another great adventure.